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Build your own Ultimate Arcade!


These guys sell cabinet kits for building an excellent cabinet. They offer custom control panel designs, and have a few different models to choose from.

maximus arcade advertisement

Maximus Arcade

Maximus Arcade (MA) is PC based software that allows for seamless interaction with multiple arcade and console emulators while keeping the Windows environment hidden.

Its the best I've found.

Suzo Happ Controls

Suzo Happ

Formerly Happ Controls, now Suzo Happ, this company sells a ton of stuff you will find invaluable.

XBCD Windows Xbox Controler USB Driver


XBCD is a Windows USB Driver for Xbox controllers. It allows you to use standard XBox controllers in windows. It requires an adapter to be built. It might be easier to simply buy a XBox360 style controller for windows. But I have a bunch of these controllers sitting around.



ACT Labs Light Guns


Really the only Light Gun option I found. The scene really needs a non-CRT solution.

KeyWIZ keyboard controller

Groovy Game Gear
KeyWIZ and GPWiz Products

Groovy game Gear sells these great options for converting button events to keyboard and USB controller actions. Really high quality and easy to use. They also sell some nice Spinners, Joysticks and buttons.

Pleasuredome MAME torrents

Pleasuredome Full Roms & Extras

I can't recommend these guys enough. Its a ratio site, but seeding is well worth what you get in return.

Excellent site for information, emulator downloads, etc..


Daphne Video Disc Game Emulator


This emulator has gone commercial for all the good games like Dragons Lair and Space Ace, but is still a worthy addition to your cabinet.

Another Excellent site for information, emulator downloads, etc..


Project64 N64 emulator


Project64 is a great Nintendo64 emulator for windows. It is almost perfect. Highly recommended.


Future Pinball

Future Pinball is really a great pinball simulator. It's probably not as true to the original games as PinMAME, but its easier to setup, and maintain and has quite a few relly good tables.

It's my choice for pinball games.


Stella Atari 2600 Emulator

Stella Atari 2600 Emulator

This is by far the best emulator to experience the original bad ass of home gaming.

Nebula Emulatorium

Nebula Official Site

These guys are great at pushing the envelope. Their emulators play the newest games you can find being emulated. I wish all the speed they get on their emulation was put into MAME. Their Model2 emulator It plays 3D games like Daytona near perfectly, and much faster than MAME. You still need a beefy machine to get realtime, but it IS possible.