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A MAME Arcade Cabinet for my Gameroom.

mame cabinet

My finally completed cabinet. I finished all the paint, added some semi-custom artwork replaced the guns, etc...


Really happy with how it turned out. :)


mame cab2

This is actually the second control panel I built. I didn't like the layout of the first one. I tried to keep the controls relatively simple. Only 2 players, a spinner, and a center track ball. I bought all the controls from Suzo-Happ.

I later added the flight stick, but wish I hadn't. The darn thing takes up so much space and isn't used by many games anyway. But I wanted to play Afterburner.

I added an XBox to USB adaptor on the side of the control panel by removing parts from an old XBox, and rewiring it. I installed XBCD to use the standard controllers. This was a great addition. I installed Project64 and a bunch of N64 roms. (WaveRace never gets old), and the X-Box controller works great.

I also installed 2 USB light guns from ACT LABS. These work OK, but not great. Accuracy is a problem. Both my guns shoot a bit high and to the right. I've tried everything, but can't seem to get it right. if you have any ideas let me know. I think the problem might be with the monitor. I've tried every refresh rate and setting I can find, but nothing makes it better.

mame cabinet

I used a large format color plotter from my work to print the artwork behind the main glass. It came out pretty good. I think the image I chose needs work though.

I really want a larger display. I've been thinking about vertically mounting an LCD. This would make the light guns unusable, but then it would give me another project to work on. Maybe using a Wii controller. ;)


I currently have MAME, Daphne, Future Pinball, Project64,Stella, Nebula, and Kawaks installed.

A great resource for MAME stuff is at Pleasuredome.


I use Maximus Arcade as the front-end. It works well, the only thing I would like is the ability to define my own emulators. It supports just about everything known to man, but I am a hacker by nature, and always want more. In particular it doesn't support the Model2 Emulator from Nebula directly.

mame cabinet gameroom

My gameroom and play room. I spend too much time in here.