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Jukebox Arcade 1.3.7 -

Checkout the Windows 8/RT version here

A MAME Arcade Cabinet Music Jukebox and mp3 player

The new 1.3 version is finally here. I've had many people asking for features, and I was able to get just about everything everyone asked for into this new and exciting version. I have completely redone the skin engine to accommodate some new controls, implemented a much nicer default skin, added many, many new options and improved the visualization integration.

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How to make a skin

Click HERE to download the previous version (v1.3.6)

Screen Shots

Jukebox Arcade

Change Log

  • Fixed Bug with slide elements not working with <hidetrigger>
  • Fixed Bug with pause button not restarting when "unpaused"
  • Added <function>shutdown</function> for button elements. Supports <parameter>force</parameter> to force shutdown without asking.
  • Added <function>next_album_cover_art</function> for area elements for display the album art of the next song to be played.
  • Added "Pause" key mapping.
  • Added "open playlist" key mapping.
  • Support for newline in global formats. Use '\n' to specify a new line


  • NEW Updated Skins!! With wide screen support.
  • Support for Videos
  • Improved Visualization Support (Vista/Server 2008 Info)
  • Auto Software Update option
  • Ability to filter albums by artist name
  • Option to move 'the' to end of artist name
  • Layered skin elements including popups
  • Better string formatters for onscreen strings
  • Radio button elements
  • Option to display album name (or other string) on album art
  • Better font styles and effects
  • Better volume control (slider)
  • Song position control (slider)
  • Hide mouse option (for touch screens)
  • Improved full screen mode (scaling option)
  • Resizable/scalable window support
  • Drag support for lists (Click and drag the album list)
  • Option to prevent duplicates in the playlist
  • Playlist Support (.m3u) with editing
  • Support for hidden skin elements
  • Vista Compatibility (Including UAC)
  • Lots and Lots of Bug fixes and Tweaks

1.2.1 - Click Here to Download 1.21

  • Lots of little internal tweaks to allow the program to compile in VS-2008.
  • Fixed problems where the program would not display a window if the skin file wasn’t found
  • Removed “automatic” associations for files and CD’s
  • Removed “http stream-server” that I added between 1.0.1 and 1.2.1, but never released.  There are better options available, and it really is not in the original scope of an Arcade Jukebox frontend.
  • Changed the default picture to “folder.jpg” to better work with other programs.
  • Removed license key requirements.  It’s now completely Freeware.


  • Release Win95/98 compatible version - Installer Auto detects & Installs appropriate version
  • Fixed a bug where Settings & Configurations were not taking affect until restart
  •  Added force settings dialog on first run
  •  Improved Startup error checking - Now reports correct error when wrong Media Player Version is detected.
  •  Fixed a bug with playlist looping
  •  Changed default settings and default media path
  •  Fixed bug with visualization where visualization wouldn't go away at end of play
  •  Added prompted search for artwork when media catalog changes and you are missing artwork files


  • Initial Release of the MP3 Player and Music Juke box


DirectX 9/10 (March 2008) or newer.
You can download DirectX >>>HERE<<<

GDIPlus v1.0 (Included with Windows XP and Vista). 
You can download GDIPlus >>>HERE<<<

MediaPlayer 9 or Higher
You can download MediaPlayer >>>HERE<<<