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Jukebox Arcade 1.2.1

A MAME Arcade Cabinet Music Juke box and mp3 player

Newer version available... Click here to download.

After a long Hiatus, Jukebox Arcade is finally back.  I’ve continued to use the program for years, but removed it from the public as I was no longer able to support it.  Work was just taking too much of my time.
I decided that instead of pulling it entirely, I would release it as a free software download.  I removed a few of the “mostly” useless features that were were not in the spirit of the original intent.  This was to provide an mp3 player and jukebox interface for my MAME arcade cabinet.  I guess I got carried away at some point.
Probably the biggest thing I removed was the auto search for album art.  I found that other programs simply did a better job. My favorite is Album Art Downloader.
I also removed the CD Ripping, which used a third-party DLL which no longer worked, and again, other programs simply do a better job.

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Screen Shots

Change Log

  • Lots of little internal tweaks to allow the program to compile in VS-2008.
  • Fixed problems where the program would not display a window if the skin file wasn’t found
  • Removed “automatic” associations for files and CD’s
  • Removed “http stream-server” that I added between 1.0.1 and 1.2.1, but never released.  There are better options available, and it really is not in the original scope of an Arcade Jukebox frontend.
  • Changed the default picture to “folder.jpg” to better work with other programs.
  • Removed license key requirements.  It’s now completely Freeware.


  • Fixed a bug where Settings & Configurations were not taking affect until restart
  •  Added force settings dialog on first run
  •  Improved Startup error checking - Now reports correct error when wrong Media Player Version is detected.
  •  Fixed a bug with playlist looping
  •  Changed default settings and default media path
  •  Fixed bug with visualization where visualization wouldn't go away at end of play
  •  Added prompted search for artwork when media catalog changes and you are missing artwork files


  • Initial Release of the MP3 Player and Music Juke box


DirectX 9/10 (March 2008) or newer.
You can download DirectX >>>HERE<<<

GDIPlus v1.0 (Included with Windows XP and Vista). 
You can download GDIPlus >>>HERE<<<

MediaPlayer 9 or Higher
You can download MediaPlayer >>>HERE<<<