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BetterArt 1.0.1

A Better "AlbumArt" visualization than the one that comes with Windows Media Player. Nothing too fancy, but it shows the Album Art, Album Name, Song Name, Year and shows a small, not too crazy animated visualization in sync with the music.

When I listen to music, the flashy visualizations simply get annoying after a while. They are cool, but what a really wanted was to be able to relax and see what is playing at a glance. This visualization is a product of that.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Screen Shots

BetterArt ScreenShotBetterArt ScreenShot

Change Log


  • Initial Release

GDIPlus v1.0 (Included with Windows XP and Vista). 
You can download GDIPlus >>>HERE<<<

MediaPlayer 9 or Higher
You can download MediaPlayer >>>HERE<<<