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If you are viewing this from inside the application, remember that this page is **LIVE** and may change any time. As I get feedback about the application, I will post information about the current version, and upcoming changes here. So check back often!!!

3-24-2013 - Release 4

Added customizations. You can now configure the background colors and choose between regular or large album covers. In addityon youcan disable content editing (updating images and refreshing artist/album information) to put it into more of a "Jukebox" mode.

3-6-2013 - Release 3

Minor Bug fixes

3-1-2013 - Release 2

The new version completely replaces the image search functins with a more integrated search. You no longer are required to "select" an image in a web page. You simply select the desired image from a list. Much easier and better... I hope :)

The program now selects a more appropriate size for the album artwork in the main screens. This makes the albums fill out the on screen areas better, especially for higher resolution displays.

As well as a number of bug fixes.



* The Auto-DJ feature is contextual. This means:

--- If you are viewing an Artist/Album when you press the Auto-DJ button, the application will attempt to pick songs from similar artists (as well as the artist you are viewing). Higher rated songs are more likely to be chosen.

--- If you are viewing a Year, then songs from that year are chosen. Higher rated songs are more likely to be chosen.

-- If you are viewing a Genre, then songs from that Genre are chosen. Higher rated songs are more likely to be chosen.

-- If you are viewing a the full list of Artists or Albums, then it randomly chooses songs that have the best ratings...

* Every song can be given a rating. You can either browse to the song within the album page, and hit the Heart+ or the Heart- buttons to increase or decrease the rating, OR you can adjust the rating using the same buttons while the song is playing. The rating can be between 0 (least liked) and 5 (most liked) hearts.

* The Auto-DJ works best if you rate the music in your library.

1-31-2013 - Basic Application Usage

* The program utilizes the users 'Music' library. The means that you must setup the library before Jukebox Arcade will find any songs or albums. To do this, from the desktop open a folder window and select Libraries/Music. Then choose "Library Tools" from the top of the window and then "Manage Library" from the ribbon bar. At that point you can add folders to your music library.

* Jukebox Arcade will read MP3, WMA and M4A files and the tags within them. Jukebox Arcade does not modify the files or their tags. For editing your tags, we suggest MP3TAG for Windows (Not WinRT) or MusicBrainz Picard for other platforms. Jukebox Arcade works best when your music is properly tagged.

* Album art will be loaded either from a file names"ALBUMNAME".png/.jpg, folder.png, folder.jpg, or from artwork embedded withing the song file. If none of these available, a default CD image will be used. These files should be located within the album folder.

* Likewise, Artist Artwork will be loaded from "ARTISTNAME".png/.jpg. If the artist image is not found, the favorite album cover art, or the most recent cover art will be used